If You wish to have a shoot with me, You need to consider time in advance, often You have to book a time 4 weeks ahead. That also means we will have time to communicate what we want to do, what things to prepare, and things to bring to the shoot. I always encourage to take time for planning to make the whole experience more exceptional. I also have some requirements / suggestions like coming with hydrated and rested skin, no makeup, not freshly washed hair (fresh shampooed hair is often too dry to fix), avoid contact lenses ( too much reflection ), bring extra clothing to change the style (think of basics too, jeans, tank top, sweater, shoes if You want to go out side etc), wear simple flat underwear ( not to have the texture coming through the clothing, nude is preferred ).

The whole photo shoot takes generally half a day’s time (4h). Why? Because when You come, we go over the planning of what we will do, sign a rights contract, there is time to prepare makeup and hair, as well as go over the dressing. I have a small dressing with clothing and accessories available in my studio. You can see some of the selection HERE. Also, if You are coming to my studio, know it is outside of Toulouse, in Castanet-Tolosan, south of Toulouse, after Ramonville ( Google maps link ).

I almost always work with a makeup artist, often also a hairdresser. Why? Because it is an important time saver in the post processing, it also make the shoot more special for You, and very often is creates interesting and creative ideas. I have makeup artists I already have been working with a long time, but we can also consider Your personal makeup artist. It is important for the best outcome of the shoot. I, as well as You want to have something we are proud of!

After the shoot, it will take time for me to go through and select all the pictures, so you might have to wait for all the final edited pictures about 2 weeks. I usually take about 500-1000 pictures per photo shoot. From that, I select a rough 5-6% of better pictures, that I will share with You as a preview. In this point You can give me Your preference on the selection. From that I will select about 5 pictures that I will edit and give You. Seems like too little photos? First of all, editing pictures takes a very long time, and second, I believe You will have better use of about 5 excellent and well edited photos than 20 bad ones. Of course, sometimes there is more than 5 good photos…

Taking all this  into account, I generally spend about a full day’s time with You – scheduling the time, communicating on planning, preparations and the shooting itself, and finally post processing, editing and sharing the pictures with You. For this reason, my minimum fee starts from 200€, depending on the specific request. Seems very expensive? Please click HERE to read more.


Most of all, I would like to emphasise is FUN, everything I do in photography is with passion and good time spent, so I always try to have fun, laughter and joy 🙂


I would love to hear what You have in mind and share ideas for future photo shoots! For any further questions, bookings and collaborations, please navigate to the Contact page.


Thank You!